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Establishing a sustainable drinking water supply system for the municipality of Bela Crkva

From September 2015, the company VODNÍ ZDROJE, a.s. has been carrying out a Czech Republic development cooperation project entitled “Establishing a sustainable drinking water supply system for the municipality of Bela Crkva”.

The project aims at developing a sustainable drinking water supply system for the people of the municipality of Bela Crkva, which is situated in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. This project follows previous Czech Republic development cooperation activities in Serbia carried out as part of the project “Sewerage system construction in the village of Kruščica“(2012-2014). The present project comprises a restoration and rehabilitation of the extraction facilities of the springhead of Straža, technological renovation of the pumping station of Straža as well as the construction of measuring facilities at the water distribution main supplying water for the municipality of Bela Crkva. In addition to that, it deals with capacity building for water supply management, training in the areas of maintenance and operation as well as other capacity building for the partner organisation, Water mains and sewerage systems of the municipality of Bela Crkva. 

The municipality of Bela Crkva is situated in the south eastern part of the Vojvodina region approx. 100 km from Belgrade. In the north, northeast, east and southeast, it borders on Romania. In the south it borders on the municipality of Veliko Gradište and the town of Požarevac, in the southwest on the municipality of Kovin and in the west and northwest on the municipality of Vršac. The northernmost point is situated in the village of Dobričevo, while the southernmost point is situated in the village of Banatska Palanka. The westernmost point is found in the village of Dupljaja and the easternmost point in the village of Kaluđerovo. As for watercourses, the Danube flows along the southern border of the municipality, the river Nera along the south eastern border, the river Karaš along the north western border and the Danube – Tisa – Danube Canal along the south western border. According to the figures of the population census of November 2011, the municipality has over 17.000 inhabitants distributed in 14 settlements (Bela Crkva, Banatska Palanka, Banatska Subotica, Vračev Gaj, Grebenac, Dobričevo, Dupljaja, Jasenovao, Kajtasovo, Kaluđerovo, Kruščica, Kusić, Crvena Crkva, and Češko Selo).

As for the water supply system, water for the whole municipality is extracted from the springhead that is situated in the municipality of Vršac near the village of Straža. From there the extracted water is conveyed under pressure to a water tower located on a hill above Bela Crkva. This system supplies water to all settlements of the municipality with the exception of the town of Kaluđerovo. Due to its age, poor quality of construction work in some parts and lack of funds for maintenance and repairs, the drinking water supply system faces a number of problems. The yield of the wells at the springhead is decreasing, the settlements lack sufficient storage facilities, and the existing water mains and distribution piping are in poor condition. As a result, it is estimated that a great loss of water takes place, amounting to 50%. According to the Water Management Regulation of the Republic of Serbia (Vodoprivredne osnove Republike Srbije, Official Journal of the Republic of Serbia, issue 11/02), which is a relevant long-term strategic plan for a sustainable development of water management on the whole territory of the country, defining, among other things, the main strategies for tackling the water supply issues in one or more water management areas, the relevant source of water for the municipality of Bela Crkva is the principal aquifer in Vojvodina, and, in addition, an alluvial aquifer between Kovin and Dubovac. All non-potable water is extracted from watercourses. The proposed technical solution is based on the approved “Drinking water supply policy for the municipality of Bela Crkva”.

The project was launched in September 2015. Link can be found here.

Link to the local television station news containing some information on the project can be found  here.  (Minutes 5:30 – 7:30)

Link to the Czech Development Agency website can be found here.

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