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E! 11705 FORMTES: FlOOd Risk Management governance through TEchnology and Social science collaboration

1. 12. 2017 – 30. 6. 2021

Partners of FORMTES:


Golder Associates (Magyarország) Zrt.; HUNGARY:



Zuzana Boukalová – project coordinator, hydrogeologist, pilot sites in third countries, organisation of the FRM CoP (Flood Risk Management Community of Practice) Platform

Filip Čejka – technological aspects of flood risk management, pilot sites in Czech Republic

Jan Těšitel – non-technological and socioeconomic aspects of flood risk management

Tamas Laszlo – environmental engineer, human ecologist, pilot application in Hungary

Éva Rátky – civil engineer, hydrologist, numerical modelling, open channel and groundwater hydrodynamics


Main objective of FORMTES is to strengthen flood risk management governance through a systematic approach of technical, organizational and socio-economic aspects. Particular emphasis will be put on the testing of technical, organizational and socio-economic methods on selected pilot sites, and its sustainable integration.

Technological innovation is almost impossible without considering the governance aspects, economic and social issues and vice versa. Innovation of research approach regarding flood risk management must be developed based on sound understanding emerging challenges and risks, state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge in engineering and social science, which have to be incorporated with the goals of public and private interests and benefits.

FORMTES framework:

  • Lessons learned and understanding of the challenges
  • A systematic approach for flood risk assessment, adaptation and toolkits
  • Pilot cases and involvement of stakeholders (Flood Risk Management Community of Practice)
  • Pilot plants development and testing
  • Knowledge dissemination and awareness creation, training of the end users and policy makers.

The project is built on an existing development and based on the philosophy that understanding present-day risks is an effective starting point for adapting to unprecedented future events. FORMTES is integrating both, technological innovations (such as the Geophysical Monitoring System and sensors) and locally approved “simple” technologies, to meet the needs of the end users, economical and local opportunities, taking participative management into account.

Coordinating previous research in order to integrate existing and tested tools and best practices in a single platform, and supporting its large scale application through capacity building and participatory approach are the expected main results of FORMTES.

Are you interested in cooperating? Would you like to know more about FORMTES?

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Living with the pandemic in Nepal


Lockdown in Nepal, in the time of pandemic, has affected everyone, and most severely the poorest. As an example, migrant families can be mentioned, grouped into 74 illegal communities in Kathmandu, the majority of which are located in flood-prone areas on municipal land, which they settled without permission upon their arrival in the city. These communities are flooded out on a yearly basis from their makeshift dwellings, sometimes even 3 times a year. The monsoon period is usually the time when these communities prepare for the floods – they accumulate reserves of food, ensure the accessibility of adequate shelters and sanitary facilities for women and marginalised groups, and keep in good shape the flood infrastructure as well as the tools for early warning against floods. However, this year, due to the attention focused on COVID-19, these activities have been neglected. This may have an impact on the evacuation process during potential flood events as well as on the control of water-borne diseases.  

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