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The in-situ solidification method consists in adding binders and additives into the material which is to be solidified or stabilized directly on the site. The technical solution eliminates costly loading and transport of the material to a waste stabilization facility. It also minimizes potential environmental damage caused by a spillage of the material during transit. Furthermore, it is not necessary to worry about how stabilized waste will be disposed of, as it is naturally used to create banks of a sludge lagoon or the body of a waste dump.

The equipment which the company VODNÍ ZDROJE, a.s., uses in stabilization jobs is a Finnish stabilization system comprising the ALLU PM-500 stabilization mixing unit, which is installed on excavators by means of an adapter, and the ALLU PF (Pressure Feeder) self-propelled tracked silo with a compressor-driven feeder, which is used to transport binders and additives. The ALLU PF Pressure Feeder forces dry binder from the transport silo through a hose directly to the centre of mixing drums of the ALLU PM-500 unit. The ALLU PF unit is mounted on a caterpillar chassis and remote-controlled, thanks to which it can follow movements of the excavator on the site. ALLU DAC (Data Acquisition Control System) measures, controls and reports the feeding operation.  ALLU DAC enables control of the entire solidification/stabilization system, making the system user-friendly and easily manageable, and permitting to transfer data from the system to other computers. The work is thus properly documented for quality control purposes. The component is actually a touchscreen display in the operator´s cab, which can also be used to operate and control the movement of the feeder unit.

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We will prepare a detailed solution for each specific project of yours, which will include:

  • selecting and proposing the most suitable and least costly additive/binder
  • a detailed proposal of the project implementation – selecting the best possible procedure, including logistics
  • supply of additives/binders
  • actual performance of work
  • field tests and measurements, taking and analyzing samples
  • final terrain levelling


Contact us with a request for quotation (, or +420 266 779 114), we will prepare a customized price quotation for you and will be ready to provide consultations if necessary.

Our company possesses experts with years of experience in the field of solidification and stabilization, own laboratory facilities, and in-house technologies and procedures for the selection of appropriate additives, project management and quality control. 

The company VODNÍ ZDROJE, a.s., has successfully delivered a number of in-situ stabilization projects based on the use of the ALLU technology both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Their objective was to chemically stabilize the treated material and to improve its mechanical properties (strength, deformation, dynamic rigidity etc.). The projects made use of a variety of additives and binders or their mixtures.

One of the most important projects was the in-situ stabilization of a lead-zinc tailings pond in Mojkovac, in the central part of the Republic of Montenegro. You can find detailed information about it here.   

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